Since 1995, AW4L has been supplying teachers, schools, libraries and museums with accessible and stable virtual worlds. Developed to use web standards and low bandwidth, this world building software offers educators the ability to create - or to let their students create anything imaginable. Teachers involved in educational programs have demonstrated that this is a valuable tool for reaching students and motivating their creative process and we have developed our platform to fit these needs.  Some examples include River City, Quest Atlantis and NIA Universe.

Using 3D software, cloud based tools and internet connectivity virtual worlds allow students to participate in classes both in school and externally.  Courses can blend existing traditional teaching tools with virtual exercises in a shared multi-user experience.  Students can experience a variety of simulated realities firsthand. Virtual worlds provide not only simulated experiences but also offer socialization and shared building to explore concepts. Students can work alone or together in research teams to understand the environments presented or to build it out based on hypotheses developed during their research.


a world for learning